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HMWP 5.5.2 has been released! See changelog below.

  • Multisite on Nginx and IIS is in our plan. A mix of different webservers is not offically supported.

The magic starts now… But before it, stick in your mind we don’t change any file or folder and everything is in its default location! we just control access to it and this guarantees maximum compatibility for the plugin.

Hide wp-login.php

Hide or change wp-admin and all of its files (for untrusted users)

Change WordPress theme directory, remove theme Info from stylesheet, replace default WP classes and finally minify it!

Change plugins directory and hash plugins name

Change upload URL, wp-includes folder, AJAX URL, etc.

Change WordPress queries URL:

Change author permalink (or disable it!)

Change or disable feeds

Hide all other WordPress files!

Disable WordPress archives, categories, tags, pages, posts, etc

Continue reading there’s still more!

  • Easily replace any words in your html output file!
  • Notify you when someone is mousing about your WordPress site (included with visitor details like IP, user agent, referrer and even username!)
  • Compress html output and remove comments in source code
  • Remove WordPress meta Info from header and feeds
  • Change default WordPress email sender
  • Custom 404 page!
  • Remove unnecessary menu classes
  • Clean up body classes


  • 5.5.2 07/04/2017
    * New: Counter for Trust Network to show number of blocked dangerous requests
    * Fixed: Auto Update conflict bug with other plugin
    * Improved: Update libraries to improve PHP 7 compatibility
  • 5.5.1 19/12/2016
    * Fixed: A small typo avoid hide wp-admin to work correctly
  • 5.5 16/12/2016
    * New: Auto Plugin Configuration! It hides (common) parts of WooCommerce and JetPack (Experimental)
    * New: Change URL or completely disable REST API i.e. wp-json (Probably one of the only plugin works in WP 4.7)
    * New: Internal JS and CSS fields: A smart technique to hide internal code from source code
    * New: Hide OEmbed assets
    * New: Security check for security keys
    * Improved: Better performance for automatic assets
    * Improved: Support for new Minify module of W3 Total Cache
    * Improved: Guide for Nginx configuration
    * Improved: PHP 7.1 and 7.0 compatibility
    * Improved: WP 4.7 compatibility
    * Fixed: Several bugs when permalink is off
    * Fixed: Full Hide mode working correctly with Nginx
    * Fixed: Problem in saving HTML fields (IDS Firewall)
    * Fixed: A small syntax error in configuration files
    * Fixed: A bug in Antispam system
    * Fixed: Annoying message for purchase code
    * Fixed: Error message in checking array fields (Trust Network)

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