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About Us


Our main focus is to get the latest version of popular scripts and themes.

You are wondering why we are doing this and who is behind this. Why we are doing this is a really simple question, because we love to null script and share it. But who are we, we can't tell :) Everybody is also asking us why we are offering nulled things for a price. Because are download links were leeched by other sites and we can't afford that. We are really working allmost a full job to get the latest scripts and themes. It also take some time to null some script or theme. It really depends on how strong the security is. That's why we are requesting a small amount of money. If you don't what to pay for an "item", then don't! But you won't recieve the link. Some of the scripts have a value over 1000$ and we are offering them for an amount 20$? Isn't that far? If you want to get an original license, then buy the item from the original author or owner.

That's all from us! Stay tuned and grab as much items as you want!

Yours DrRBox Team!